Our reservation policies

Tandasa: Our reservation policies

One of the important things that define a company is how well they handle transactions with customers. Whether these are online or in person, all of the interactions need to be smooth and efficient. This is why we at Tandasa have put together a series of policies that you need to follow when placing reservations with us. 

Please keep these in mind before you reach out to us. That way, we can be on the same page and the process will run smoothly. Take a look at the reservation policies below to get an idea of what to expect: 

First come first served basis 

There are certain times throughout the year where the tourists in South Africa tend to come in hordes. These are the moments where we want to cater to everyone, but it can be a little challenging. We hope you understand that we cannot accommodate everyone at the same time. Our business works on a strictly first-come-first-served basis.

We suggest that you visit our website and try to book as early as possible. Try to reach out to us at least a few months before your trip. That way, we can prepare and talk about your needs properly. Plus, you won’t be in a hurry to arrange your transportation, accommodations and so much more. 

Down payments are applicable 

We want to be as flexible as possible for all of our clients. This is why we have a variety of payment options and methods available for you to choose from. You can pay via cash, payment apps or credit and debit cards. 

When it comes to payments, they can be made in full or through instalments. If you choose the latter, you can pay the first set of fees upon confirmation of your booking. The second half, on the other hand, will be charged when you arrive here at our office in South Africa. 

Cancellation fees apply 

As long as the contracts have not been signed, you can cancel your transactions at Tandasa anytime. However, this will incur a cancellation fee. The shorter the time frame is, the bigger the fee will be. You can learn more about this on our website, but the fees apply for all impermanent cancellations. 

When signed, agreements can no longer be changed 

During the entire consultation period, we will allow our guests to cancel even on short notice. However, once contracts or agreements have been signed, clients will not be allowed to change them or back out. Even if you don’t show up for your reservation, you will still be charged and no refunds will be given. 

We have a few customers who are surprised to know about this rule. So please do read through our policies to avoid any problems in the future. 

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