Tandasa: How many swimsuits should you bring?

Prepare for your vacation properly by bringing the right amount of swimsuits to bring. Find out how many right here at Tandasa. The number of swimsuits you need to bring is based on two factors: 

1. How long you’ll be gone; and 

2. Whether or not you plan to use the hotel’s pool. If you’re only going to be gone a day or two, you’ll probably only need one suit. But if you’re going to be staying a week or more, you’ll probably want to bring a few more than one. In any case, here’s what you need to bring: one short-sleeved, one long-sleeved ​shirt (preferably with a collar) one pair of underwear (one pair of boxers or briefs) one pair of socks one bathing cap (for men) one towel That’s it! You can buy most of the stuff you need in any city anywhere in the world. And the only hard part is deciding what to wear. So get out your calendar and mark the days and dates you are going to be gone. Then, when you get to your vacation destination, put on the shirt and pants you’ve had on for the last seven days and go take a swim. That way, you’ll be ready to mingle and have some fun whenever you decide to do so.

As I have shown you here, packing for a vacation is really quite simple. Now, let’s talk about the things you should pack to make your vacation even more enjoyable. First, make sure you have these items with you: sunglasses (preferably with prescription lenses) a first aid kit (and know how to use it!) a book or two a pair of noise-cancelling headphones (for your phone) a small, strong flashlight A waterproof bag (snugly zipped inside your larger suitcase) in which to place all of the above items a money clip or a personal organizer to hold all of your important information (including the names and phone numbers of your loved ones and the details about your getaway including the name of the hotel and the name and number of the local tourist office) A printed copy of this newsletter A pen or pencil A small address book A small, waterproof notepad And finally, a small pouch or bag to hold these items together: all in all, you should have a neat, easy-to-carry bundle of stuff when you are ready to go. I call this bundle “The Gator”. Here is what you should put in The Gator: All of the above items, in that specific order. Done and done.

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