Hazyview is a sub-tropical farming town in Mpumalanga, South Africa and is renowned for its banana and macadamia nut industries. Hazyview contributes about 20% of South Africa’s bananas and 30% of macadamia output. Bordering the Kruger National Park, the name is derived from the shimmering haze that occurs during the heat of summer. Most of the province of Mpumalanga’s private game reserves are found just east of Hazyview.
Hazyview is home to the Tsonga people. The Tsongas occupy the north-eastern part of this beautiful town along the banks of the Sabie River. To the south of Hazyview, the Swazi people call this their home. While to the north-western part of this town, the Mapulana people and their cultures are to be found. Sepulana, their language, is a mixture of both Xitsonga and Siswati. This is what makes the Mapulana an interesting cultural group in Hazyview.

The town is 5 kilometers from Phabeni Gate which leads into the Kruger National Park. Hazyview is also a stop on the scenic Panorama Route. Hazyview is situated 60 km from Mbombela.

Perrys Bridge Reptile Park

Be fascinated by the mysterious world of reptiles at Perry’s Bridge Reptile Park. Perry’s Bridge Reptile Park is home to a variety of venomous snakes and large constrictor lizards. In addition, crocodiles, tortoises and frogs are to be found in surroundings simulating their natural environments as closely as possible.

Nkosi Adventures

Join Nkosi Adventures for a memorable experience along the river through the natural bush of the Sabie River Valley. With experienced guides and approved equipment, this is an excellent family activity. Note: Only children older than 5 years are allowed to participate. Rafting is subject to water levels.

Kruger Park Lodge Golf Course
Designed by Gary Player in 1992, the Kruger Park Lodge Golf Course offers 9 holes. It has a difficulty rating of 3 out of 5. The attractive course has numerous water features that regularly attract hippo and abundant birdlife. Impala antelope are able to roam freely. Golfing in this wilderness environment is an unforgettable experience.

Perrys Bridge Brewery
In the intense summer heat of the Lowveld, Perry’s Bridge Brewery is an awesome spot to quench your thirst. With their selection of beers on tap including a good selection of imports, it is the ideal place to relax with friends. For non-beer drinkers there is a range of wines and also a mouth-watering menu.
Elephant Whispers

Get up close and personal with six magnificent elephants on the banks of the Sabie River. The Elephant Whispers experience allows you to touch, exchange trunk greetings and offer tasty treats to tame and trained elephants. The elephants vary ages from nine to twenty six years. Visitors can also enjoy a thrilling elephant ride meandering down shady paths and enjoying the view. Several excursions are available

Shangana Cultural Village

At the core of Shangana Cultural Village is a busy African market where local craftspeople work and trade their crafts. Trained guides take guests on informative and interactive trips to villages during the daytime. There are also midday tours with lunch and the famous Evening Festival in the Chief’s Kraal. Shangana was created and built by the local Shangaan people and is a source of great pride. The village preserves their rich heritage and is an example of South Africa’s great cultural diversity.

Albisini Ruins
Visit the ruins of a 19th century trading post established by the famous Portuguese trader, Joao Albasini. The ruins are 10 km from Hazyview at the new Phabeni Gate. For centuries, prolific trading activity has taken place in the southeastern region of Africa. Maputo would have been the starting and end point for many of the old trading routes. These crisscrossed the southern continent. Albasini set up a network of trading routes that reached the Lowveld. By 1845, he had established a trading post at Magashula’s Kraal, now known as Albasini Ruins.