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Komatipoort is a town situated at the confluence of the Crocodile and Komati Rivers in Mpumalanga province, South Africa. The town is eight km from the Crocodile Bridge Gate into the Kruger Park. It’s just 5 km from the Mozambique border and 65 km from the Eswatini border. It’s a small, quiet town within the Lowveld with some attractive tree lined streets. It is without doubt one of the hottest towns in South Africa, but also with an ideal winter climate. Komati’ takes its name from the Komati River whose authentic native Swazi title is Nkomazi, translated as “river of cows”.

It’s where the Crocodile and Komati Rivers meet to flow through the Lebombo Mountains into Mozambique. In the 1890s Komatipoort of those days was a wild and uproarious construction camp. Namely, construction of the railway from Lourenco Marques (modern  name Maputo). Conditions weren’t the very best as the area was gripped by a malaria epidemic; in the zone known as ‘fever country’.

The town of Komatipoort

The town of Komatipoort was the last stop within the South African Republic (ZAR) Pretoria – Delagoa Bay Line. The line was constructed by the Netherlands-South African Railway Company. Subsequently, the first train crossing the border at Komatipoort to the Portuguese East Africa was on 1 July 1891. Which was after the completion of the rail bridge over the Komati River. Close to Komatipoort is the site where the former Mozambique’s President Samora Machel died in an aircraft crash. This occurred at Mbuzini village within the Lebombo mountains, the natural barrier between South Africa and Mozambique. At the site of the accident stands the Samora Machel Monument which was declared a National Heritage site in 2006.


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Experience the wild, raw appeal of the Wild Frontier when you stay overnight at any of the many fine options for accommodation in Komatipoort. With one of the most perfect winter climates the country has to offer, Komatipoort lies at the point at which the Komati and Crocodile rivers meet on the western slopes of the Lebombo Mountains, which form a natural barrier between South Africa and Mozambique.

Whilst this may make it sound like a quiet little town on the way to nowhere, nothing could be further from the truth. Komatipoort lies just 8 kilometres from the Crocodile Bridge gate into the Kruger National Park, 5 kilometres from the Mozambique border and only 65 kilometres from the Swazi border, making day trips to each of these places incredibly easy.

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It is true that Komatipoort serves mainly as a railway and customs centre, and local farmers produce some of the most wonderful subtropical fruits that, no doubt, have the delicious summer heat to thank for their mouth-watering flavour. But the town also has access to local wildlife, golf, tiger fishing in the Komati River and elephant back safaris that make a trip here more than worthwhile.

The town of Komatipoort is probably most famous for the Nkomati Accord - a nonaggression treaty signed in 1984 between the Mozambican government and the apartheid government of the Republic of South Africa - its focus, on the one hand to prevent Mozambique from supplying material to the ANC (African National Congress), and on the other South Africa from supplying Renamo (Mozambican National Resistance).

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Croc River Lodge

Croc River Lodge

Croc River Lodge is located Where the Komati and Crocodile Rivers meet. Before they flow into Mozamb More info

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