Malalane (formerly Malelane) is a farming town in Mpumalanga, South Africa situated on the N4 national highway. The farms in the region produce sugarcane, subtropical fruit and winter vegetables. The town was proclaimed in 1949 after which it was named. The origin of the name is disputed but was corrupted from the Swazi. Either “eMlalani” which means place of the palms, or “lala” which means to sleep are accepted origins of the name. The town started as the first rest-stop between Lourenço Marques and Pretoria.
Malelane town
The surrounds of this rather hot part of the country are either given over to rolling fields of sugarcane, tropical fruits or game farms. It’s a laid-back, friendly town and life slows down to a peaceful and casual crawl. Due in no small way to the pervasive heat and to the less insistent pace of nature. Hence one of the original roots of Malelane is thought to come from the Swazi term ‘lala’, which means to sleep.

The Malelane gate is one of the main entrances into the Kruger National Park. This means that the little town, and the farms that surround it, cater for visitors to the park. There are some excellent lodges and Bed & Breakfasts.

Malelane is perfect for exchanging city life and its demands for privacy and seclusion. It’s the one part of South Africa in which nature prevails at the expense of commercialism. Awakening in the bush, the rising sun an impetus for morning bird calls, or the incredible experience of the bush at night. This is what draws so many people to spend time with nature.

Things to Do
Duck n Dive Saloon
Come and visit the very friendly Duck ‘n Dive Saloon set in the heart of Malelane. It is a great pub with fantastic staff and delicious food. Come and enjoy big screen events or take part in pool and dart competitions. You will also enjoy some of the best parties at the Duck ‘n Dive Saloon.

Hamilton’s Restaurant
Hamilton’s Restaurant is idyllically situated on Riverside Farm in the heart of the agricultural hub of Mpumalanga, South Africa. This family eatery is in fact on the Malalane Gate Road, outside Kruger National Park. There is a beautiful indoor dining area, as well as an outdoor one.

Marloth Park Quad Biking
Mpumalanga’s holiday resort town of Marloth Park is a favourite for visitors. So, it’s not surprising that one of the best ways to enjoy Marloth Park is on a quad bike. Marloth Park is only about 30 minutes from the nearest gate of the Kruger Park, and about five hours from Johannesburg.